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Greetings from the Mad Dater

Photo by Howard Harris

This post is dedicated to one of my most sincere supporters, Mr. Michael Roach, you said in one of your comments that you sensed that the Mad Dater is ” growing weary in her quest that one who is meant for her.”

To this the Mad Dater says, that she is past feeling weary, especially, with online dating schemes. Most men are frauds online as well as in person. The one good aspect about searching for a partner online is that, it allows a person the opportunity to go through multiple profiles and to have online discussions, before wasting time suffering through tragic date, after date, after date.

What the Mad Dater noticed is that, men  are willing to be just as dishonest online as they are in person. She is truly at a loss  for words, as to why people who are not rational and moral thinkers, play mental and emotional games with individuals, who are honestly and hopefully, seeking to find a descent person, on the other side of the computer to enjoy life with.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from the Mad Dater”

  1. If I’m allowed to digress to one of my earlier posts I mention that people often introduce their representatives to the opposite sex in order to please and find satisfaction when in fact all this does is cause problems because as time goes on you begin to let your guard down and reveal your true self here’s the problem with online dating or online dating websites it makes it that much easier to fool a person into thinking that you are something that you are really not. Dear mad Dater I can tell just by your writing and your mentality behind your thinking that you are very old school any new school game and unfortunately you seem to find yourself always losing in the game you can’t seem to catch a win in. Don’t ever blame yourself for Having the courage of your convictions by sticking to what you believe is true in your heart problem is that does not fly in a society where people give up the right for the wrong with the moral fiber has disintegrated to its lowest point so you find yourself at a catch-22. So I go another route with my advice or comment enjoy being single I am a man that has been married for 15 years with three beautiful children but I remember when… this may be a hard pill to swallow but you remember how it was in your relationships and what they turned out to be so as a result you have gained a lot of wisdom and knowledge and enough foresight to know when a situation is just not for you that is a good thing take it not for granted nor take it lightly but enjoy this time that you can reflect on your experiences for when you are blessed to find that one it will be all that God has intended for it to be

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  2. I could have said this any better. Thank you. you are wise beyond your years. You should think about stating your own blog. You have must to offer and the voice of reason is always welcomed.


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