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Greeting from the Mad Dater

Somebody said, ” The sweeter the berry , the sweeter the juice,” As time went on this saying changed to ” The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice,” making reference to dark skin sisters. There is another saying, ” once you go black , you never go back.” None of these sayings hold true for today’s men of color because more and more of them are showing a preference for lighter skin sisters, white or Asian  women.

People of color have fought for hundreds of years against the stigma that having darker skin, meant that we are ugly and undesirable; and that we are tinted due to our skin color. What’s especially painful, is the psychological damage to dark skin women, when they are continuously passed over for women of lighter complexion. Some people say it’s a personal preference, I say its bias. Others say it’s about social status. Whatever the reason for one person choosing another based solely on skin color………….. What Say You?


2 thoughts on “Greeting from the Mad Dater”

  1. personally I just think that it is a preference or choice of attraction. However I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that society has placed a stigma on darker skinned people vs how to make light skinned people to seem more attractive. Listen up I’m only gonna say this once. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL PERIOD. It is us darker complected individuals who have the even skin tones unblemished skin. Meanwhile you who are not spend countless hrs. At the beach and tanning salons trying to mimic what some of us were naturally blessed with. To those beautiful dark chocolate sistas. Embrace your beauty for what it is….#RUNTELDAT

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