Cohabitation versus Maririage


Dear Readers,

“Marriage has lost its importance in today’s society.”  There are many reasons why this statement is true. One key factor is that the old fashion ( baby boomer) values towards marriage has been replaced with modern ( millennial) thinking; and society no longer frowns upon couples who cohabitate  ( live in sin).

There are some pros and cons to shacking up , such as getting to know one another before marriage, testing the waters so to speak. Others do it for financial convenience. Women of this generation put off marriage because of the educational and employment opportunities available to them, which give them a sense of being self sufficient,

Males on the other hand, reject ” settling down” in fear of losing their freedom. Men often compare how their marriage will be based on what they observe their married friends struggle through. Most women except the arrangement of living with their boyfriend in hopes of getting closer to marriage. This is referred to as ” the Waiting Game” a subject I address in my new book.

Men enjoy cohabitation because it allows them to experience being a husband without having to ” put a ring on it.” However, the longer men shack up the more likely he will feel pressured to tie the knot. There is also outside pressure from friends, family, cultural  and religious beliefs  for couples to get married. Most parents who are married are uncomfortable with the idea of their children making the choice to shack up, instead of committing to each by getting married.

I could go on and on about the pros and cons of cohabitation, ultimately, it is the couples choice to do what is right for them.

What say you?


7 thoughts on “Cohabitation versus Maririage”

  1. Ah, yes. Well, I was married. Once. I’ve been with my “wife” now three times longer than my traditional marriage, and, for financial benefits, we may yet have to get a civil union certificate or marry. Still, it’s the commitment, not the ceremony, that makes a marriage…

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    1. Robert, sorry to say but in the eyes of the law of the land a marriage trumps a cohabitation. The law is cruel, it still doesn’t care how you feel. They still want to see legal documents shall anything happens to you. That’s why so many homosexual couples pushed so hard for the legality of their union. It’s why they demanded a license. Depends on where you live a civil union certificate isn’t recognized at all. It takes an actual license to hold up in court. This is a far more serious issue than many people like to believe and are confronted with the severely of it shall anything happen. As things stand right now, if you have children, everything you own or do belongs to them. If not to your then, your parents or siblings can easily contest it and it win even if you have legally given things to him. I’m not saying they will do that but in most states they can. I know I sound harsh and I do not mean to but I often see people hurt when they are faced with dreadful situation shall anything happen all before they refused to make their union legal. Truthfully, the laws really hasn’t changed very much since the 1800’s.


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      1. in some cases its sad that many people live together and are some times attacked for not being married. I understand the legal matter, but there are couples who live together, shack up, or live in sin, no matter how we choose to label their union, some of these couples relationship last longer, much long than those who are legal tied. My partner is pushing for me to live with him and due to the legal issues I will not do it. he cares for me more then any man I have meant, so we are going to get married , not because to have to but to protect each other. Thank you for your in put

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      2. I don’t believe in attacking anyone for the way they live their lives. I think it’s wrong. Believe there are many married couple who stay together but we only hear about those who split up because it’s more exciting and dramatic. Gender preference has nothing to do with rather a couple stay together or not. It all boils down to rather they truly love each other and are willing to work on their union. t take work, lots of it to stay together. It doesn’t happen because the person is who they are. I wrote that because a long time friend of mine’s partner passed away and he was left pretty unable to do anything because their partner’s family stepped in. Love extend to protecting those in your life.

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  2. The disadvantages in shacking as the old people call it. In most places, he has no obligations to you. From what I have seen shacking benefits the man more than the woman. The longer they lives together the greater the chances of him never marrying her. He often leaves and marry a woman who won’t shack with him. If a man want to ‘test’ drive you like a car. Then actions speak louder than words. I do not buy the modern idea about freedom to pursuit a career as the reason for shacking. From friends I have seen who did it. The load of house work and duties were the same as a wife but yet you had no legal access to nothing he owned and like it or not men make more than women. She performed all the duties and chores of a wife without the legality of even keeping the house shall they split up. In the end he owed her nothing.

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    1. I like your comment. Thank you for sharing. I agree but this doesn’t happen in all cases. I don’t agree with a couple living together without marriage it seems that this is a more modern and quick way for some couples.


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