Family matters


Family matters

It happened several times. With all of them. Different men within the family.

I would always smile, and play nice with everyone. I would share my toys and my food. I liked seeing others laugh, especially if I was the cause. Little Jenny was always quiet, she would just sit there and play with my doll. I wondered if the men liked her too.

I wouldn’t talk much. I never said much. I laughed. I smiled and I laughed. Peace and harmony. I liked that. I liked peace.

Multiples times by different men in the family. It happened. They all agreed I wouldn’t talk. I didn’t talk much. I wouldn’t talk.

I still hear his heavy breathing.
The other one always had a strong breath.
The big one smelled the worst.
The youngest took the longest.

“Be quiet, this is our secret ok?”
I nod. I always nodded…

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