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Privacy in a relationship

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9 thoughts on “Privacy in a relationship”

  1. This is a very touchy subject for me. Being married for 12 years there has been times throughout my marriage where privacy has been an issue. Me being the introvert that I am I think that there should be a space that should be left for trust and respect one for the other. There have been times that my spouse or myself have done some snooping for reasons we may have felt were valid at the times. In saying that, if you’ve been in a relationship for more than a day then you’ve probably had your space or privacy invaded on more than one occasion, knowingly or not. IT IS WHAT IT IS., it’s part of the game called human nature. Sometimes we need concrete proof to either confirm or deny a suspicion or feeling by way of a dream or action. In reality sometimes you may just be with a nosey individual LOL sucks to be you. As far As wanting privacy in a relationship it will almost never happen in a 100% level


  2. Dear #yougottadealwithit, my answer and advice will soon follow. In the meantime, what I will say is this, I can’t deal with people who as you put it Snoop through my personal space, or things unless I have given them a valid reason.


    1. I hear you but speaking from personal experience sometimes when you go looking for something you usually find it. Human beings tend to have the urge to seek and find instead of respecting and trusting. You have every right to not want anyone to go looking for a reason to not trust. My question to you is what if a person need to confirm an intuitive feeling and the need to seek to find the Truth of a matter they feel they would other wise be lied to about

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      1. my answer is talk about it. However, if an individual is snooping because they are insecure, nothing their partner can say, do or show them that will reassure them.


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