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Thinking of Self

Dear readers,

The thinking of some people is this once an individual decides to crossover from singlehood into the realm of a monogamist relationship, the word self cannot be used to describe him or her. Why? Because where there was once 1 now there is 2, and self no longer matters. The perspective of others is that the act of being selfish has no place in a relationship. In other words, people who are engaged in a bond of wild romance,  and sexual intimacy should think only about what is good for the ” relationship.” Individuals in a relationship should not act on their own or speak for themselves because their behavior would be considered to be selfish. Therefore, what affects the individual will trickle down to the relationship. Because where there was once 1 now there is 2.

What Say You?


3 thoughts on “Thinking of Self”

  1. A mutual understanding, trust on each other, faith, honesty matters… A deep conversation at heart and mind level, silent communication at times help……. Respecting each other and respecting self makes relationship stronger……. If none is an option for the other, I feel that kind of relationship is great…… And the last important thing the art of giving without expecting things in return is the best way to be 1 from 2.

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      1. Welcome…. Thank you for giving opportunity to read……. Will wait for more to come and more to read and more to know to move on more distances of life.

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