Murmurations of Art

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Mindflight is, above all, a site for artists.  I recently had a short discussion about what “Life is Art” means.  Being in a philosophical mood, I started thinking about it.  A fellow blogger and all around cool person, StreetPsychiatrist, said “just imagine if one could infuse art into the most mundane of activities… that would be something of a masterpiece.”

I agree!

I started thinking about all the ways art has been incorporated into daily life across times, across the globe.  I recalled aboriginal dot paintings that are beautiful but tell how to find water holes.  I thought about beaded bags and knife sheaths among the natives of the American Plains.  I thought about the delicate laquerware of old Japan, and the paintings on their paper room dividers.  I thought about the beautifully turned furniture of Victorian England.  I thought of murals in my own city.  I thought of…

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1 thought on “Murmurations of Art”

  1. I agree so very much. I have read several of your posts and that statement refers to each. You are amazing and I am saying that I want to be your friend through your comments and possibly my poetry if you like it, I also like the idea of talking to each other. I noticed that you talked to me when I had talked with another person, and that’s okay, but it takes longer to get acquainted, don’t you think? I like what you are doing and it is a talent. Keep up the good work.


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