When will we Heal?

I felt the need to address the death of 11 innocent people as a result of a mass shooting; and how we are living in a climate of hate and division due to the lack of leadership. We are apart of one race, the human race. We were made from the same creator, from dust you came and dust you shall return. Healing. We need some serious Healing.🙏


5 thoughts on “When will we Heal?”

  1. Well said. The political leaders on all sides demonize the others to strengthen and radicalize their supporters. We no longer simply disagree but the others become the enemy. I do think we must be careful not to indict the entire society (what’s wrong with America) for the crazy evil acts of individualsh however. .

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  2. Politic has turned mediveal, cloak and dagger. I say the anti-religious climate plays a role also. In 2015 the same happen at Emmanuel A.M.E. Church, in Charleston, SC. The hate was already there. They just wasn’t allowed to express it.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. I also thank you for mentioning the shooting in SC. I wanted to make reference to that shooting, however, I did not want people to feel that I am trying to turn the situation into a race theme. Yes, your are correct when an event like a mass shooting occurs in the black communities, its not viewed as deep of a crime. It reported on and them we go back to business as usual.

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      1. I wasn’t online when the shooting took place in South Carolina. I see it this way. Some people are going to see things a certain way no way what you say or write. If you say nothing, they still have an opinion.

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