The First Time

Dear Readers,


Remember the anniversary of our first date. We locked eyes and laughed over COFFEE; Unaware how the universe was preparing our HEARTS for something greater. All those nights I prayed and cried out of anguish. All those FROGS I kissed they only proved to be a prince then you came along and showed me that I was deserving of a KING. I will love you because you keep me warm when the harsh winds of life roar. I will love you because you make me laugh on the days that I want to give up. I will love because you show me compassion, patient and you support my need to be ME. I will love you even when you don’t understand my complicated HEART. I will love because you are love expressed in the image of our creator, Yes, I will love you for vowing to be my LAST LOVE, yes my KING, I shall LOVE THEE.

What Say you?



Dear readers, a few words about togetherness


Relationship, courtships, friendship, partnership, marriage, cohabitation, shacking up, living in sin, monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, zoology, couples, a pair, twosome, duo, deuces, tow of a kind, heterosexual, homogeneous, …….. togetherness

what say you?

Just a Thought

Dear readings,

The Law of Greed and Reward: taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Wrapping ourselves in Selfish demeanor like a warm fur coat, finding Pleasure in the agony inflected on the less favorable. They say, ” I am Strong, therefore, you are Weak.” Preying on the innocent  souls who are powerless to fight back. ”  I say, Shameful.” This great universe would be a better place  of existence, if we Disconnect from the chaos, and Discover that, ” Love is the only law to obey” Ziggy Marley

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Dear Readers,

Today’s mind-set of materialism the value of appreciation is meaningless. Instead, as an alternative the presence of brokenness, fear and dismay has replaced the artistry of trust, harmony and grace. ” All We Need Is Love” the Beatles

What say You?




Beauty, Darkness, Journey, Pleasure, Glory,Blemish, Love

From the darkness beauty appeared removing the blemish of ugliness, and in it place pleasure, love and glory. I dare not journey beyond the great divide, for the silence of the void steal my soul.

What say you?