The Waiting Game

“The Waiting Game” details the relationship myths that women hear about through the
generations. Women are taught that men are not attracted to strong women, and that a woman’s
primary role in society is to get the man and keep him interested. Women have to follow the
rules of the game to be successful. Rule one, use prime bait. Rule two, catch the man. Rule three,
keep the man no matter what characteristics he possesses. Any rules after that- the men play the
rest of the game. Therefore, if this task is not completed—we fail as women.
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Its not the END.

Dear readers, Starting over after a breakup, divorce, death or any situation that you find yourself in a place of starting over. I am talking about from ground zero. Sometime is happens unexpected and we  are not prepared. For what ever reason you find yourself having to start over it’s not the end but a beautiful  new beginning .