Random Thoughts

Body parts and Accessories

ATTENTION everyone, may I please have your ATTENTION,  the Mad Dater has something to say, Thank you.


I’ve noticed women in Hollywood and everyday women treating themselves like body parts. In the 90’s women were obsessed with having bigger breast. They risked their lives and emptied bank accounts for silicon implants, regardless of the supposed health risk, and the bigger the better.

…… Fast-forward, the new trend is to have the biggest and roundest derriere, and the accessories TO GO WITH IT  like, outrageous weaves and stiletto nails, that resembles lethal weapons. Women are crowding gyms not for health reasons, but to carve out the best bottom they can. These same women attend the nail and hair salons as though it is a religious experience.

In my dumdfoundedness and curiosity,  I randomly survied women of various ages and ethnic backgrounds as to their fixation with having a large buttocks. Surprisingly, a majority of them had the same answer, “that’s what men want.”  OK.  it is understood that men are visual and women are emotional, but the women who think this way, they are  confused.

As quiet as it is kept, real men want women who dress classy and sexy but in a modest fashion. Question, what intelligent and emotionally mature thinking man, want with a woman who only thinks  of herself as body parts? Ladies, men desire the whole package, and I am not talking about your bodies.

Men of today, want women who exhibit intelligence, can hold down a good earning job, cook gourmet meals, clean and keep a house in order; and at night hold down his needs. That big derriere ain’t paying no bills and weaves and nails cost to maintain.

A final note, ladies you are a whole entity ( being) treat yourself as such.