Spoken Word

The Duel

Dear readers,

The allegory of the sword and the pen

One is no more dangerous than the other.

How say you?

The blade of the sword is Sharpe it’s made for cutting.

Well, the pen has a Sharpe tip that is capable of cutting with words.

Yes, I see your point.

They both can lose their edge.


Yes, the sword becomes dull and needs to be sharpened.

The pen will run out of ink and must be refilled.

I see, but the sword can draw blood.

The pen will bleed if the top is removed.

A sword is used for protection.

Did you ever hear that the pen is mightier than the sword?

This is nonsense there is no comparison, a sword is bigger, powerful, dangerous and heavy.

Yes, but a pen is small, swift, light weight, and easy to conceal making it a secret and deadly weapon.

Aha! swords are used by knight who serve at court.

The ladies who write love letters to these lords of courtship use feather pens.


What say you?







Short Stories

Nineteen Ancient Poem


No rice in the larder, no clothes in the chamber

So he buckles his sword and marches for the East


The mother of his children pulling, weeping at his sleeves, saying:

” Others dream of wealth and glory ,  their eyes on the blue sky above

But look you to the face of your son

Let us stay poor but stay together! Don’t go!”

But he says: ” I have no choice! Away! I’m already late!

Already my hair turns white, no one lives forever.”

Yue-Fu: Nineteen Ancient Poems, Han Dynasty